The Tango Pleasure Mate Collection

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The Tango Pleasure Mate Collection delivers powerful pleasure to nerve-rich areas for an amazing encounter every time. The Dusk and the Glow can both be paired with the Tango for vibrating bliss. The Tango is a pocket-sized vibrator with 8 modes. It’s tiny but effective, delivering an intense performance that’s steeped in pleasure and precision. The Glow Pleasure Mate features a soft tip and a firm handle that gives you a great hold. The Glow offers targeted stimulation and gives your G-spot all the pleasure it can handle. The firm handle allows you to tailor the pressure for the perfect intensity. The Dusk Pleasure Mate can be used without the Tango for a smooth introduction to anal play. Once paired with the Tango, it delivers pleasurable vibrations to your most sensitive areas. This toy features a tapered tip for easy insertion. The Tango Pleasure Mate Collection is designed for all-round pleasure and you can tailor every experience to suit your mood and your experience level.