Ovation Intimacy Kit

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INTIMACY KIT A SENSUAL OVATION AND AN ENCORE The Screaming Ovation intimacy kit is a collection of pairs of sensual products conveniently packaged for a mind and body tingling experience.After the first Ovation you`ll be screaming for the encore, and you`ll be ready. Kit includes: 2 Screaming O Vibrating Rings, 2 ID Glide Lube Packets, 2 ID Sensations Packets, 2 Lubricated Condoms, 2 Sensual Wipes, 2 Mints, and 1 Info positions book.

Perfect Weekend Kit
Collection of Conveniently Packaged Products
Wonderful Body and Mind Experience
Vibrating Rings, Lubricant Packets and Condoms
Wipes, Mints and Informational Booklet