Cheeky Boy - Prostate Massager

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Blending the joys of an anal vibe, prostate massager and set of anal beads, the Cheeky Boy provides orgasmic hands-free arousal, inside and out. Allow its deeply ridged, bulbous form and 7 modes of powerful vibration bring you to an explosive climax.

Slip the Cheeky Boy inside and youll instantly be on the path to a sensationally fulfilling climax. This flexible-yet-firm waterproof massager has a section that curls neatly inside of you and a sloped, ridged section that sits on the outside allowing you to operate the 1-touch button with ease.

The bulbs of the internal stimulator caress every part of your passage, sending shivers along the P-spot and deeply filing you with 4 spheres that act just like large anal beads.

The external section nestles neatly against your perineum, directing the vibrations from the 7-function RO-80 bullet via 3 ridges which delight you outside to heighten your experience.

Always slather generously with water-based anal lube to enhance your fun.