Bgood - Deluxe

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The specially crafted bGee Deluxe is our top of the line curved tipped vibrator to give you the power to control. It focuses the vibrations to your citreous thanks to its unique shape. The bGee Deluxe can be used to find the G-Spot and for most females, stimulating the G-Spot can create a more intense orgasm than a clitoral stimulation. That is why the bGee Deluxe with its 6 vibrating programs is the perfect toy to attain the orgasm one desires, the choice is yours. You can also share and use it on your partner, between the anus and the balls where the man is most sensitive to external stimulation. A great vibrator for anyone to have.

Six easy to use vibrating settings
Water resistant
Two AAA batteries
Curved tip for pinpointing stimulation of the g-spot or the clitoris
Easy to control with a red backlight