Bathmate - Hydromax (X40) - Extreme Set

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The Hydromax X40 Xtreme pump comes as part of a set, containing everything you need to begin (and continue) a penis pumping program. The pump and other contents come in a discreet and very solid carry case, which can be used for long term storage. Included in this set are the following items:
The X40 Xtreme Penis Pump:
The X40 Xtreme contains the largest chamber in the Xtreme collection and is designed for guys who measure approximately 7 inches or more in length or 5 inches or more in girth. If you are smaller than this, you could consider the X30 Xtreme, but you can still effectively use the X40 Xtreme if you are smaller (my partner is) and it is unlikely that you will outgrow it, which means never having to upgrade.
The total length of the X40 Xtreme is 13.5 inches. This includes the uncompressed gaiter and the valve. The chamber and compressed gaiter together, measure 10.5 inches in length, which is the approximate length this pump will allow you to grow to, before you need to upgrade. The chamber varied between 9.25 inches and 8.25 inches in circumference, depending on where I take the measurement, but I believe it will allow you to swell up to roughly 9 inches in girth. The X40 is clearly a large penis pump and unless you are breaking records already, it should benefit the vast majority of men.
The Hand Pump Attachment:
Unlike most other Bathmate pumps, the new Xtreme pumps come with a hand pump attachment. The detachable hand pump offers variety to users and many more benefits, which I will discuss later (see our experiences). The bulb measures 6.75 inches in circumference, 4 inches in length and comes with a 15.5 inch hose. Just like the rest of the set, is high quality and build to last. The bulb comes with a valve attached, but this valve is designed to simply build a vacuum and allow water/air to pass through the bulb during pumping. The valve on the bulb does not release the vacuum. When this is required, you need to push down on the valve situated on the pump chamber instead.
The Comfort Pad:
Like most Bathmate pumps, the X40 Xtreme comes with a comfort pad, made from a softer (compared to the gaiter itself) rubber material. This pad is designed to slot inside the gaiter, creating a wider surface area and a cushioning effect. The pad is designed to help reduce the discomfort felt when pulling the gaiter into your body during use.
Measuring Gauge:
As part of this set, you get a measuring ruler, which allows you to keep track of your progress as you continue with your pumping program. This ruler measures both length and the width of your penis, so it will allow you to document any improvements in both of those measurements.
Shower Strap:
The shower strap attachment is simply a large strap that allows you to use the pump hands free. You simply attach the strap to the chamber, put the other end around your neck and it will hold the pump in place.
Cleaning Instruments:
Also included in this set is a long handled cleaning sponge, for cleaning the inside of the pump chamber and a high quality towel (face towel size) with embroidered Bathmate logo.
Lubricant and user manual:
You will also find a small bottle of water-based lubricant, which comes in handy when using the pump without water (apply some to the comfort pad before use. It helps create a stronger seal) and an instruction manual packed full of tips and instructions for use.