What’s in my tube of lube?

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What’s in my tube of lube?


Lubricants, lotions and oils are esteemed members of the pleasure brigade; they head the sexual empowerment movement, they lead the breast appreciation campaign and they are advocates for Be Sexually Comfortable Around your Partner. Let’s take a gander at their credentials and ultimately find out, What’s in my tube of lube? Lolita wants to know.


Glycerine is water-soluble and considered non-toxic. It can however be converted into sugar when inside the vagina which tends to cause yeast infections. Lolita couldn’t help but pipe up that our Bloom Peony Blush massage oil is glycerine free! Rub massage oil onto your breasts to feel strong, sexy, moisturised and liberated.

Benzoic Acid

Preservatives have a negative stigma attached to them but sometimes, Lolita concedes, they are necessary – benzoates kill or inhibit bacteria and fungi. Benzoic acid is usually safe in small quantities.

Acacia Senegal Gum

This is an Acacia species (wattle or thorn tree) extract that is frequently used in haircare and skincare products. When Lolita heard about this she flushed with delight; sex is a beautiful and natural act so using lubricant that is crafted using natural ingredients – like tree sap – seems deliciously appropriate. The gum is a safe emulsifier so it keeps all the ingredients from separating. We stock stimulating gel that is entirely vegan and organic.

Aloe Vera

Hello, vagina-friendly, cooling, pain-relieving plant! The benefits of aloe vera truly seem endless so it’s no surprise that its juices feature in your tube of lube. It is particularly beneficial in anal lube because of its cooling effect. It is antiviral, antibacterial and anti-discomfort! Taking note of what your body responds well to, is a means of exercising self-love. Loving yourself shows sanity not vanity.


Chemical compounds are sometimes added to enhance the smell of lube. Lolita told us that sometimes this causes irritation in the vaginal canal. Do you have sensitive skin? Opt for fragrance free products just to be safe.

Ginger Root

Brace yourself: this will make your toes curl. Ginger is thought to provide stimulation to the circulatory system. Lolita, what does this mean? Increased blood flow to the genitalia is what it means! Enough said.