The Sacral Chakra: A Work-Out For Your Soul

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The Sacral Chakra: A Work-Out For Your Soul

You get home from work, it’s been a long, hot day and you forgot to stop by the store. Your former, more motivated self, looked you straight in the mirror this morning and said: “You will go to the gym today. You will start meditating” New Year, new you, right?

Unfortunately, all you’re going to end up doing is fall on the couch, eat a chocolate and forget the long, busy (yet somehow boring) day you have had. What if there was a way to unwind from your day of work, exercise and benefit your overall well-being, all in one go? Well, there is, and it is simpler than you may realise. The unpretentious solution to this conundrum is; sex, yes, a good ol’ fashioned mambo in the sheets.

No one needs an article to tell them that it will feel good, hopefully you (and your partner) have figured that out already. Making the beast with two backs will cover all the bases. Get in your daily exercise and benefit your physical, mental and spiritual health.

Sex can relieve tension, anxiety and depression. Testosterone, which triggers sexual desire in women, increases feelings of positive energy and well-being. Your brain releases dopamine, norepinephrine (nature’s adrenaline shot), oxytocin (a natural tranquiliser; relieving stress, pain and inducing sleep) and serotonin. Prozac is prescribed to increase levels of serotonin…sex is cheaper. Despite all these benefits just feeling wanted and satisfied can be a huge boost to your confidence.

An average session of knocking boots is around 25 minutes, with men burning just under 5 calories a minute and women just over 3 per minute. This varies in individuals and depends on what you and your partner decide to do. If this calorie count doesn’t tick your cardio boxes you could always explore many “sexercise” positions to get more bang for your buck, or buck for your bang.

All these benefits will not only benefit you, but the bond between you and your partner. If your partner hasn’t mastered your body or you are currently single then there is no shame in taking matters into your own hands, so to speak. There are only two kinds of people in the world; people who masturbate…and liars.

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