Prostate Stimulation: From Beginner to Expert

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Prostate Stimulation: From Beginner to Expert

Erogenous zones are indisputable. Women are blessed with many, one of which presents itself as a handy little button to play with. Men also have a button, somewhat more hidden and bigger: the prostate.

What is the prostate and what does it do?

The prostate is a walnut-sized gland situated between a man’s bladder and penis, in front of the rectum. Its function is crucial to health and fertility as it produces fluid that nourishes sperm. The prostate is also responsible for protecting the sperm and squeezing this fluid to the urethra during ejaculation.

Women have what used to be called the Skene’s gland – now renamed the female prostate. It is the same tissue as that of the clitoris, and in the general area of the vulva; it is what we so lovingly call the G-spot. The G-spot is the source of female ejaculation when stimulated from inside the vagina – the origin of the squirt. You wouldn’t want your man to neglect your G-spot so don’t neglect his.

What the prostate can do for you

Because the prostate is so closely linked to the man’s sexual organs it only seems fair that this magical little gland is also a pleasure button. You can bring your man to orgasm with prostate stimulation alone. It is that receptive. This is also true of anal sex which stimulates the area.

Start off slow

If you are inexperienced with the pleasure the prostate can reveal, start off slowly. No one wants fools to rush in this situation. Rule number one: lube is your friend. Anal play and prostate stimulation will always be more enjoyable, for all parties involved, if you get everything lubed-up first.

Pjur has formulated a lube specifically designed for anal play. It is safe to use with condoms and makes a protective film to reduce sensitivity without numbing sensation. It has the desired effect within fifteen seconds and can last for hours - all twelve rounds. It’s on sale, too: talk about more bang for your buck.


Put it in third gear

Once you get used to shallow stimulation with lubricant you can explore toys. Start small and build up to the major leagues. Opt for beginners toys like the Naughty Boy- Prostate Massager or the Ass- Berries. The Ass-Berries offer beginner level stimulation paired with strong vibrations. The Naughty Boy takes it one step further; the head is designed to rest against the perineum and all you have to do is rock to-and-fro and enjoy the show.



Fifth gear

When you are good and ready you can upgrade to plugs. The Dare- Curved Pleasure Plug is designed with a bulbous head for a pleasurable fullness and a handle which makes it easy to retrieve.


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