Let’s Hear it for the Boys and their Toys!

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Let’s Hear it for the Boys and their Toys!

Hello, my handsome fellows, friends of Dorothy, tops, bottoms, otters and bears, lend me your ears! Because you are so damn stunning, you have already disappointed many straight women, when they found out you are not playing on the same field. So let’s make sure you don’t disappoint your other half in any way either- for you and your toy friendly toy boy.

Lolitas provides sexual enhancements for gay male couples- or men who just can’t reach around that far. Whether you are playing alone or with others, get the best out of it with Lolita’s.

Big Boy – Prostate Massager:

The design is based on the illustrious Rude Boy; with new and improved features for your pleasure. Hands-free isn’t just a tech feature anymore, guys. Enter: the Big Boy- quite literally.

Once inserted the Big Boy will remain in place leaving your hands-free for other activities. You can engage in fore-play and penetration, with the Big Boy stimulating the perineum, together with 7 settings for the spectrum of sensations you wish to experience.

The Big Boy is completely waterproof and made of medical grade silicone. This makes it aquatic-play friendly as well as hygienic. Use with a water-based anal lubricant like Pjur Man – Extreme Glide for an even better experience.

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Psst, Big Boy is on sale! June 2017

PJUR Man – Extreme Glide – 100ml:

A long-lasting lubricant designed for anal sex. It guarantees performance and pleasure, with its high concentration a little can go a long way. This one is also on special boys, more bang for your buck.

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Stone – Black Granite Anal Plug

Hard as a rock, literally, but just the way you want. This piece is genuine Absolute Black Granite that has been polished for a smooth, heavy and hard toy. It is not only pretty, but functional too. Can be used alone or to play together, and truly redefines rock-hard. It is completely waterproof and can be used for warm or cold stimulation.

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Perfect for those who prefer a weighted and natural toy for backdoor endeavours. If not, there is always a for him Lolita’s product to get you there. Happy Gay Rights Month!