Happy wife, happy life

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Happy wife, happy life

Wife Appreciation Day took place in September and we know all you lovely spouses out there didn’t forget, right? If you did, not to worry, Lolita’s is here to help you make up for it in a way your wife will not soon forget.

IOU Fetish Game

Whether you have been married for two years or twenty, reignite the flames of passion with some of Lolita’s special offers. If you did, indeed, forget to spoil your wife this Wife Appreciation Day well then give her an IOU. Only this time it won’t be written on a restaurant napkin but come in the form of a game the two of you can play together.

If the fire in the bedroom has dwindled then this is sure to set it ablaze. You may think you know your partner inside and out, but with this discover your lover game you might just find some new information you are happy to hear, see or feel. It may even prompt you to revisit Lolita’s to fulfil the next fantasy. We’ll be waiting.

We Vibe – Nova

Do you travel a lot? Your wife will start to miss you, especially when it is time for bed. If you need some high-tech lovin’ because your significant other is far away try the We Vibe. With double action motors for twice the stimulation, the We Vibe is enough to make any wife feel the appreciation shake through her body, from anywhere. Connect the device to the free We-Connect smartphone app and completely change the way you and your spouse have had phone sex in the past.

1000 Sex Games

If you have started running out of ideas for Friday date nights during your marriage then look no further for the next thousand Fridays, or whenever you feel like you want to have some fun. Choose from 1000 Sex Games to play with your significant other should you need some inspiration.

Bondage Set – Extreme – Fetish

If you are going to try something new in the bedroom; do it right. If you and your wife are exploring the world of bondage then go about it with this all-in-one, medical grade, silicone bondage kit. Strong enough to support the fantasies of experienced bondage lovers or to embrace beginners. Something tells me the wife is going to be late a lot in future with the, now valid, excuse of “I got tied up.”