Dare to have more fun in the bedroom!

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Dare to have more fun in the bedroom!

“Good sex is like good bridge. If you don’t have a good partner, you’d better have a good hand.”

Sex can be different for men and women, mainly because most women view sex differently to men – or at least that’s what we’re told. Learning about your partner’s body takes time and patience; however, it is essential for amazing sex.

So, follow the tips below you get your blood pumping and your partner screaming for more!

Learn about your body first

Take some time for yourself to masturbate – do it properly. Try incorporate toys, enhancer, lubricants and vibrators to really get yourself stirred up.  You can even treat yourself to an erotic movie or a bubble bath – whatever floats your boat.

Get to know how your body responds to various stimuli and experience different ways you can reach orgasm.

Take it slow and enjoy pleasuring yourself. Why? Well, if you can pleasure yourself properly and give yourself this kind of attention, you can definitely pleasure your partner.

For him: Bathmate Hercules

For her: Bdesired Deluxe Curve

Bring toys into the bedroom

Just how you learn to explore your own body, learn more about your partner’s body. There is no need to rush – just play, tickle, tease and rub different parts of the body. Bring some gadgets into the bedroom to add to the excitement – cock rings, vibrators, handcuffs, body chocolate, massage oils…

For couples: 5-Piece Fetish Set

Don’t be shy to ask

Open communication is vital in a sexual relationship. Speak to your partner about fantasies and limits that you both have. Once you know what the other person expects in the bedroom, you can introduce new sex positions and toys to enhance intimacy under the sheets.

You can download a KamaSutra App onto your mobile device for new, exciting positions to try out in the bedroom.