Celebrate Women’s Month with Lolita’s

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Celebrate Women’s Month with Lolita’s

Who runs the world? GIRLS! Even though Lolita knows you’re fabulous all year round, this month is just for you; embrace it with open arms…or legs.

So while you’re in the warm embrace of women’s month, embrace your sexuality too and take charge of what makes you feel good. See to your own needs if no one else is going to do it for you. And if there is someone, provide them with some additional toys for the toolbox until the pleasure process is flawless. Your someone should be able to work you like a well-oiled machine.

Speaking of well-oiled machines, Lolita’s lube is on special. This is not just any kind of lube; Pjur® Woman is made specifically with women in mind. It is designed for all your feminine lubrication needs. Slip, slide and glide around the spank bank.

Bcurious, like Alice, and fall down that rabbit hole. No matter what route you take, with the seven functions of the Bcurious you are guaranteed to end up in Wonderland. Make it part of your bath-time, bedtime or me-time ritual. It is even USB rechargeable and waterproof so you can stay in Wonderland forever if you so desire.

If you are the kind of girl who likes to keep things clean around the house but dirty in the bedroom, you know Lolita has you covered. Spare your bedding and get an easy-to-clean erotic sheet. Now any surface is ready for some adult slip ‘n slide fun. Again… see the special Lolita’s is offering on lube!

Is a man yet to put a rock on your finger? Who needs a diamond when the Stone Black Granite Twisted Dildo is always rock hard and ready to go?

It’s natural and a little twisted, like most of us. Made of natural granite with a twisted shaft, this dildo also has a broad flattened head for that fully natural and ultimate goodness type of feeling.


Ladies, you didn’t think we would cover all the bases except accessories – did you!? No arsenal of toys is complete without a nifty travel bag. Let’s face it: you’re going to want to take the Black Granite with you everywhere you go. Now you can. Discreetly.

Women’s month is for you so go on, spoil yourself. And then spoil yourself some-more. Gents, if your lady won’t do the spoiling for herself this month, you could always do it for her. Visit Lolita’s for more great deals to make this August your best Women’s month to date!