Buried treasure: X marks the G-spot

Buried treasure: X marks the G-spot

Women have hot spots, like buttons, that lead to a lot of fun if you know where they are and how to push them. The biggest injustice you could do to yourself is to ignore the button. Be one of the lucky ones who finds the buried treasure.

Clitoral stimulation can lead a woman to orgasm and when this is combined with vaginal stimulation, well, then everyone is having a good time. But what about that magic place, that evasive wonder, the G-spot?

The Gräfenberg spot, or G-spot, is the source of female ejaculation and intense orgasm. Many women have never experienced this and for ludicrous reasons – they simply haven’t gone exploring… yet that’s essentially all it takes! Some partners aren’t clued up on where it is and how to get there so they prefer to stay in the shallows.

Let’s explore

Orgasms AHOY! Let’s find out where in this uncharted territory the treasure lies. Near the entrance of the vagina, there is a highly sensitive bundle of nerves – many doctors claim there is no proof of its existence! But trust me: when you find it, you’ll know for sure that it exists and that all the stories are true. So if you want to shiver me timbers with the best of them, here’s how to find the seemingly elusive spot…

All hands on deck

If you are exploring with a partner the easiest way to find it is to enter the vagina’s opening and beckon with your finger because it is usually located slightly above the entrance, and then upwards. This could be all you need to discover the prized goods for a Jolly Rogering. But if your partner isn’t an old seadog and is therefore not having much luck, don’t worry; that’s what Lolita’s online shop is for.

Check out Lolita’s plunder

THE BGEE – CLASSIC is small and easy to use when you want to do some exploring. It even boasts a reach of 7 inches (18cm) which makes finding the G-spot so easy. The expedition is made even easier with its special curved tip and massager.

If you’re the kind of girl who likes to weigh the anchor while hoisting the mizzen then the dual-action WE VIBE - THRILL is for you. For dual C-spot and G-spot stimulation have a go with this nifty gadget.

Last, but not least, the mother of G-spot and clitoral vibrators – THE ROCK CHICK – 7 SPEED has targeted G-spot curves for intense stimulation. Enjoy with a partner or just bond with the rock chick on your own as you rock back and forth, like the ebb and flow of the sea, but even more pleasurable. And in no time at all… “Thar she blows!”



Go ahead and get yours from Lolita’s website. Plus if you do spend those Doubloons on one of these fine instruments, you’ll get a discount! Happy exploring me hearties!

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