“Bad Sex! What Do I Do?”

“Bad Sex! What Do I Do?”

If you’re reading this article, you’ve obviously wondered if your sex life is good or not. A friend of mine expressed her negative feelings towards sex, which didn’t surprise me because many girls struggle to enjoy sex with their partners. What really surprised me was the fact that she had no objective to try and change the situation, instead, she decided to just endure poor sex…

The popular phrase, “Sex is like money – even when it’s bad, it’s good” is not at all true. Bad sex is definitely detrimental to a relationship. Look, I’m not saying that you should base your relationship around sex or anything, no. Just beware that sex has the power of ruining a relationship as much as it has the power of bringing you closer to your lover.

I’m sure many ladies who are in bad sexual relationships consider dumping their partner; however, you should, instead, try and improve the bedroom situation. Here are a few ways you can take your sex from dead average to backscratching sex:

Honesty is always the best policy

The first step in the right direction to a healthy relationship is communication, and this communication needs to extend to the bedroom. Have you had a proper, down-to-earth conversation about sex with your partner?

A sex conversation may seem awkward at first; however, this will help both you and your partner improve in the bedroom.

If you are shy and don’t know exactly where to begin with this type of questionnaire, Google “sex questions to ask your partner.” This will make the ordeal more fun and less stressful.

Hop on like a cowgirl

Sometimes, bad sex is a result of both you and your partner being passive in the bedroom. It’s not always the man’s responsibility to initiate and control sex.

Telling you partner what you want in the bedroom can also be quite scary; so, why not show him? Guide his hands, strokes and body to please yours. Get on top of your partner and move in a way that feels natural to you. You’ll be surprised at how a little extra effort in the bedroom can enhance sexual experiences for both you and your partner.

Change your sex life for the better this Valentine’s Day!

Increase the pleasure and excitement in the bedroom by buying a few kinky presents. Purchase a fun sex game, vibrator or handcuffs. Nothing too hectic for now. Once you guys become more comfortable in the bedroom, you can buy more daring toys.

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