A Quick Read: Improve Your Love-Making Lows

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A Quick Read: Improve Your Love-Making Lows

Your sex life will definitely undergo different stages throughout your marriage, make sure you can get it up again if ever it takes a dip!

Since you have a burning passion to love and be with your spouse, your sexual relationship needs to be strong and healthy. Your marriage will face dips, dry spells or other carnal intermissions- this is completely normal. But at some point, you crazy youngsters must get back to the bedroom and declare the recess OVER!

A good romp is guaranteed to go down if you entice your partner by making him/her feel sexy, but if you put in a little extra special effort in, your chances at ‘getting lucky’ are even better!

Ladies and gents, preparing a meal or giving a gift may be considered foreplay enough for some, but a little bit of extra spice never hurt anyone. Change your look up now and then. This could mean slipping on sexy lingerie, suggesting chocolate body paint, or even instigating cosplay- whatever rocks your sock…off! Do not fear the kink, chances are if you discuss it with him, he will be over the moon with excitement!

Classic romance is the answer to your sex-low. Don’t underestimate your partner’s expectations when it comes to romance- it can still be extravagant without being expensive, it just needs to be thoughtful, and different! Pick her a flower before you come home, bring him a cup of tea, or watch your favorite movies together again. The foundation to a good sex life is passion, this remains a universal truth, but sometimes all it takes to reignite that spark is an act of love, however small.

With consent, passion and a little creativity, you can consider your sex life spiced. Whether you are newlyweds who are still learning new things about one each other, new parents that are trying to rekindle alone time, or even a long-time couple trying to rediscover each other, the power is in your hands! As long as you are willing and excited to try, your sex life can be whatever you want it to be. 

Make it happen. Tell your partner what you want, put the kids to bed early and get to the bedroom- or somewhere else, this time? Whatever stage of marriage you and your spouse may be in, if you retain closeness in your relationship and a mutual curiosity for creative expression, your sex life will be banging!  

If you are feeling nervous, or don’t know where to start, have a look at our couples collection toys, there is something there for everyone! If that is too big of a jump for you, maybe start with some simpler, fun stuff for the bedroom.